Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Love Never Dies

Everybody do fall in love
Free to fall in love as free as a dove
How happy is the feeling of being in love
But what more is the feeling of being loved.
Have you ever experienced falling in love for the first time?
It’s the mutual feeling of two hearts that is like a poem that rhymes
A feeling that is so intense that your heart beats fast
But still you didn’t even know how long it will last.
Love when you started to feel it, everything seems wonderful
You really love what is happening and everything you see is beautiful
Without even knowing what lies ahead
You don’t really want to see it because your heart and your eyes are blindfolded
Not all first love comes to a happy ending
Way beyond your expectations something is accidentally happening
You’ve always thought that he or she is one of the best things that happens to you
But suddenly your tears are falling because he or she is letting you go.
Love is a feeling that can makes you happy
But falling out of love can also makes you lonely
But even though they’re gone and as the time flies
I really do believe that first love never dies.

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