Monday, January 24, 2011

Colorful and printed bra and nail polish for lady employees are now prohibited

         It is very nice to look at an employee with good looks, proper attire and good posture. It is much better that you will look presentable in front of your boss and even all the people that you encounter inside and outside of your work because it will add more extra points on your merits and it shows that you are very confident just by looking at your personal appearance.

          It was a big help having the proper training when it comes to the proper motion and posture especially when it comes to your career. Some people give good impression on your wonderful qualities because of your good appearance. People will admire and truly be amazed if you have this kind of character.
          Germany formally adopted by giving rights to the boss of a company ordering all his female employees when it comes to wearing of bra and choice of colors on their nails. Such laws were approved recently in North Rhine Westphalia with a goal to protect women on the threat of abuse. Women must wear only bra and nail polish with white or flesh color not bright and vivid color. It is strictly required by large group of company to follow the proper dress code and proper grooming habit of an employee towards their work.
          Most of the bosses are trying to avoid controversy issues that would link them to their beautiful and sexy female employees. It is also part of avoiding damage to the reputation of each other or entering personal matter that should not be the priority in their job duties. Such activities also covered the use of nail polish for women employees because according to the law, colorful design attracts attention of anybody who is looking at it. The law gave them the right to ban a particular shade of nail polish. For women who have large breast and wearing bra will be a problem for them, they can wear a shirt or undershirt. For men, they should always look neat and hairstyle must be identical, beard and mustache must always be shaved.
           First and second offender will face suspension and termination for those who repeatedly fail to comply with this law.

Different dreams and their meanings

      Some people say that a dream reveals the need, fear and solutions to problems that we do not notice. That’s because the dream comes from a part of our mind that registers more information that we process while we still knows it.
      If you are dreaming of…..

1.   Your teeth is lost. This means that there are things in your life that you regret while some say that you are afraid of getting old or afraid of losing a love one. Some also say that the teeth represents our world, its like stating something that you want to say but just like teeth, it should always stays in your mouth.

The key to happiness.  Always think first of what you are about to say to avoid finding yourself ending up in an argument. Give more positive responses so you won’t have to regret anything that you’ve said.

2.   Someone is after you or pursuing you. This means that you’re trying to avoid something! And having this kind of dream means that you are really trying to avoid a really difficult conversation. 

The key to happiness. Fix the issue where you are getting confused even if its very hard for you to show courage just like saying that you cannot sit as a member of PTA committee. Always look for your comfort zone.

3.   Flying in space. This is a very positive dream it says that you are rising above the trials and winning. And no wonder, people having such dreams are often creative and adventurous. 

4.   You are in school and studying hard but failed. This means that you’re worried about your job. Many of us experienced having this kind of dream every after graduation.  Since school is our first activity in life, dreaming of something about school is due to much stress in the office or whatever is your job just like being a full-time mother. This dream also reminds you of what you feel when you’re not ready ready of something. 

The key to happiness. Any difficult circumstances or trials that you were facing, it would be  better to plan it well and do it right. If you are always ready then you are no longer be dreaming about school because of stress.

5.   Having a celebrity friend. Dreaming of this means that you want a change but if you dream that you are together with many famous people for example in games or sports, at work or at class means that you are suffering from doubt and fear. 

The key to happiness. Decide of what aspects of your life that is no longer useful and bring out the one that makes you happy and that is probably what you’re looking for.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


“Ako’y tutula, mahabang mahaba! Ako’y sisinghot.. BENTENG KULANGOT!!! Lols!
        Isa sa pinakapaborito kong tula nung bata pa ako kasi para sa akin nakakatawa sya eh hehehehe… pero bakit nahagip ng alaala ko ang tulang ito? Well, naisip ko lang pwede pa lang mapagkakitaan ang kulangot harharhar!!!!! Joke lang po. Ang sa totoo lang po talaga, naaalala ko lang ang kamusmusan ko noon at kung inyo ring babalik balikan ay talaga naming napakasaya. Maraming  mga tula , kanta at kung anu ano pang laro ang mga bata na sadyang napakasaya.

Kung ang patak ng ulan ay puro tsokolate… ako’y lalabas at ako’y nganganga…
Kung ang patak ng ulan ay puro gummy bear… ako’y lalabas at ako’y nganganga…
Kung ang patak ng ulan ay puro sampalok… Ako'y lalabas at ako’y nganganga…
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah…

        Nakakatuwa ang kantang ito pambatang pambata hehehe… Pero para sa inyong kaalaman , narinig ko ang kantang yang sa misis kong maganda na kasalukuyan ipinagbubuntis ang aming magiging panganay hahahaha!( si JENIFER MADALI PO IYON) Napakakwela kasi talaga ng misis ko na bukod sa maganda na ay seksi pa awrr… Teka lumayo na yata yung sinusulat ko hahahahaha! 
         Bukod sa mga kanta at tula ay sumagi din sa isip ko ang mga larong pambata na talaga namang naging sanhi ng mga bente singko , singkwenta at piso sa mga tuhod ko.. ang ilan sa mga yan ay ang tumbang preso na sa sobrang kadayaan ng kalaro ko ay sinisipa ang lata.. ang mataya taya na nakupo napakahirap manaya dahil sa sobrang bilis tumakbo ng mga kalaro ko…. Ang sipaang bola na sa sobrang katangahan ko ay mukha ko ang ipinangsalo ko syet hahahaha!  Ang patintero na kailangang magtime first kapag may daraang kotse… ang langit lupa na akalain mong ang bangketa gawing langit hihihii tapos sabay susutsot ang mama ko sabay sigaw na… “ ano baaaaaa??? D pa ba kayo papasok ??? wag ninyong hintaying lumabas ako ng may dalang pamalo! Hays…….. Those were the days hehehehe. KAMUSMUSAN… sarap balik balikan.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

FRANCIS M. The Undisputed Master Rapper

                   Passionate.   Creative.  Unpredictable. Driven.  These are four adjectives which Francis Magalona uses to describe himself. It’s clearly reflective of the man whose artistry goes beyond the main stream commercial fare. Whether in his paintings, poetry, music or MTVs, Francis M dares to be different. He loves to deconstruct themes and infuse it with his own philosophy and politics.
                   From a matinee idol in the early ‘80s, Francis M has continuously reinvented himself from a member of the “BAGETS” group to a competent singer and musician churning up love songs, rock, fusion and rap. At 41, his musical oeuvre has evolved into some sort  of philosophy which is called “FRANCISM,” a term which his wife coined to denote positive things.
                    At the age of 44 on March 6, 2009, at 12 noon, Francis M  died due to multi organ failure to septic shock, secondary to pneumonia. His sudden demise was a big lost to the Philippine music industry. Francis M is the “King of Philippine rap” but also the “The Father of Pinoy Hip Hop”. May you REST IN PEACE FRANCIS M…..

Birth name:    Francis Durango Magalona
AKA             :     FrancisM, Master Rapper, The Man From Manila, Kiko, MC the Mouth,
                          The Filipino King of Rap
Born           :      October 4, 1964
Origin        :       Manila, Philippines
Died           :       March 6, 2009 (aged 44)  Pasig, Philippines
Genres      :        Rap, Filipino hip hop, Rock, Funk, Manila Sound

Foods against cancer that can be found in the kitchen

       We have a lot of  herbs and spices  found inside the kitchen when cooking. These herbs and spices  brings not only good taste but also provides intensive protection against cancer. Some of such spices includes the following:

1.       Basil. Consumption of ½ teaspoon of extracted basil leaves 4 times a week  shuts down the growth of new tumors. Basil leaves  contains  anti-oxidants  that produces immune cells  that kills the growth of pre-cancerous cells.

2.       Garlic. Strengthens the immune system. Garlic is chock full of natural ingredients such as selenium, sulfur compounds and quercetin that helps kills abnormal cells in the body. It is not so surprising  that many studies  confirm that eating a chunk of garlic per day is cutting the risk of stomach , colon and bladder cancer up to 30% and kills up to 98% of  breast cancer.

3.       Turmeric. It helps  in  detoxification of the body  which study appears  that the turmeric belongs to the family of ginger is helpful for the proper conditioning of the liver and helps threw away  three times as many carcinogens. Turmeric is best when cooked with black pepper.

 Some of the major cancer-fighting foods are as follows:
·         Small Red Beans
·         Red Kidney Beans
·         Cranberries
·         Blackberries
·         Prunes
·         Raspberries
·         Strawberries
·         Apples