Wednesday, April 20, 2011


           I was surprised last night when I got home from work around 11:00 P.M. …. My wife is already past asleep by that time but as usual, she always wanted me to wake her up so she can prepare my late night dinner. Just like what we always do, we had a little chit chat about of what had happen to our whole day from work. After the dinner, I decided to brush my teeth and have a shower and she also decided to go back to bed because it also past 12 and it is time to rest. After taking a shower, I turned on the laptop to check on my blog and my facebook account. As I browse through the site, I noticed that I have one pending notification that is a video where I was being tagged but to my surprise! It is a video made by my wife. I was very touched by this video and as sign of gratitude, I gave my honey a gentle kiss on the lips and say thank you for the wonderful video.

           To you my honey Jenifer, I will never get tired of loving you! I love you so much Hon! Muah! Here is the video........... Cheers!


  1. Aww.. that's such a sweet gesture. And she still cooks your late dinner.. That's one of may dreams in life.. to be a housewife. :D Tsk, too bad lang nagloloko ang video. Bakit di ko maopen? Hmm... or maybe it's just my internet connection. Di ko maview/play...

  2. ka sweet ga ni Ms. Jen at kakyut dahil may mga parehas kayong tshirt. \m/

    sarap ng may minamahal at may nagmamahal.

    congrats at malapit na kayu maging magulang. nawa'y maging mabuting anak sya.

  3. ang ganda ng video, punong puno ng pagmamahal.. pansin ko karamihan sa blogs mo patungkol sa wifey mo, ur such a wonderful hubby.. proud na proud ka sa asawa mo.. kay WIFEY: ma swerte ka kay jedpogi..hehehe

    ang ganda ng lines 'before im bitter but now im better'

    super sweet ang song ng side A.. 'forever more'

  4. this is an inspiration the world should have.

    thanks for sharing

  5. Thank you po sa mga comment... sa mga hindi po makapanood ng video, ayan po inupload ko na din sya sa youtube for better viewing! cheers!

  6. ang daming langgam sa page mo!!!