Sunday, January 2, 2011

Unique Way to fall asleep quickly

There are many cheap and effective ways to have a quick and good sleep without the help of any sleeping drugs  or pills. For better faster results you may try the following:

1.       Proper napping technique.  Many people typically takes a nap when they feel tired and sleepy, but many of them assumes that taking a nap disrupts  a goodnight sleep. However, this is not true because taking a nap is the best way to restore energy and reduce fatigue felt during break. One of the secrets of  taking a nap is by consuming but it will not exceed an hour. The longer hours  you take a nap makes it even harder for you to get a goodnight sleep and makes it even doubly hard waking up in the morning.

2.       Check any medicinal product you are taking. Some medicines for allergy that contains decongestants often increases the alertness of a person. Also,  some antidepressants are estimated to disrupts a person to have a good sleep at night.It is best also to consult your doctor for a proper replacement of any given medicine that will not provide such side effect that will help you sleep happily.

3.       Try smelling the fragrance of roses. Or any other kind of flowers. According to the study, the fragrance of flowers in the bedroom before lying on bed guarantees a good sleep and good dreams all night.

4.       Drink chamomile tea. Drinking of chamomile tea before bedtime impelled people to calm down and its serve also as a tranquillizer. 

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