Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Solutions to Body Odor and Constipation

         It is very common among people  of having a slight problem in the body which is sometimes   shameful to consult with a doctor. There are individuals that are too much concerned about the smell of their body  where the sweat  is the common cause of bad odor. However, experts presented  a few examples and solutions to this problem:

1.      Body Odor.  High fat diet or diet high in processed  foods is the one who gives trouble to normal digestion and induce extreme body odor. Frequent consumption of processed foods is the cause of increasing number of fungus  and also increases the sugar level the body. As a solution, drinking  a teaspoon of liquid chlorophyll that contains plant pigment one or two times a day helps  in removing  odor-causing  toxins from the body. Also foods rich in probiotics like live-culture yogurt helps in balancing the growth of healthy bacteria and control s the growth of fungi.

2.      Constipation. This is one of the common digestive complaints that are often consulted to doctors. However, this problem is considered simple and easy to rectify. Try consuming ground flaxseed ( one to two tablespoons daily mixed with eight ounces of water) which helps increases the daily fiber intake and also helps breakdown inside the intestines that produces mucilage a gel liked substance that  induced an efficient bowel movements.

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