Sunday, January 2, 2011

Food and drinks for good eyesight

1.      Beer -  beer is considered as the most popular drink in many corners of the world. Except for the typical flavor that most people crave and ask for more, consumption of one to two bottles of beer a week will help to keep a clear vision of man. The beer provides many antioxidants with the ability to cut the chances of cataracts – a condition that affects one in six people in the world surpassing the age 40. The antioxidants in such drinks protects the eye cells called mitochondria that provokes the coagulation of cataract.


Chocolate -  especially dark chocolate also improves the mood of a person. Scientists believe that chocolate contains phenethylamine, a compound which increases the level of feel-good hormone dopamine in the brain of a person. It also contains tryptophan a happy hormone which impels serotonin that is extremely effective called all-natural mood boster. It is favorable to the body to consume the

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