Sunday, January 2, 2011

Different Techniques to Avoid Being Late at Work

             They say, when a child never comes to school late will certainly be never a late comer when it comes to work at his right age.
             People have different concept when it comes to time value. Others are trying to to hasten the departure from the house to be able to come to work on time, while some people just don’t care of being late at work. Well, if you don’t care, maybe this is the right time for you to change that kind of attitude towards work and start kicking your own butt and come to work on time.
             Here are some tips for you to follow:

1.      Try  analyzing the matters that affects why people usually people comes to work late.
          Is it too much traffic?  Do you always wakes up late?  The alarm clock already buzz but  you just turned  it off and go back to sleep again?  Enlist all the possible excuses  and if  its still the same old story,  well,  it’s  better for you to start focusing on the matters that  makes you late and start thinking of a way to change that old habit .

a)      Excessive Sleep.  Sleep early at night and buy a SUPER POWERED ALARM  CLOCK or ask the help of your housemate in waking you up.
b)     Too  much TRAFFIC.  Try to leave the house early ahead of your time and if is still early , use that time to relax a bit and grab a cup of coffee.
c)      Avoid buying breakfast in a fastfood drive thru.  It’s better to have your breakfast at home because its more cheaper and it will consume less of your time.
d)     Prapare the dress or the uniform you are about to wear.  Check clothing and other items to be used the next day to avoid rush. Planning the day ahead  is much better to relieve you from stress and to be always on time when it comes to work.
Search on JOB ADS.  Other possibilities why you’re always late is because you don’t like your job. Analyze your feeling towards work. Do you like your present job? By the time you have configured your mind, it would be easy for you to leave the house early and come to work on time. But  if you cannot change your old habit, better start finding another job. Find a job that gives you pleasure and excitement that

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