Monday, January 24, 2011

Different dreams and their meanings

      Some people say that a dream reveals the need, fear and solutions to problems that we do not notice. That’s because the dream comes from a part of our mind that registers more information that we process while we still knows it.
      If you are dreaming of…..

1.   Your teeth is lost. This means that there are things in your life that you regret while some say that you are afraid of getting old or afraid of losing a love one. Some also say that the teeth represents our world, its like stating something that you want to say but just like teeth, it should always stays in your mouth.

The key to happiness.  Always think first of what you are about to say to avoid finding yourself ending up in an argument. Give more positive responses so you won’t have to regret anything that you’ve said.

2.   Someone is after you or pursuing you. This means that you’re trying to avoid something! And having this kind of dream means that you are really trying to avoid a really difficult conversation. 

The key to happiness. Fix the issue where you are getting confused even if its very hard for you to show courage just like saying that you cannot sit as a member of PTA committee. Always look for your comfort zone.

3.   Flying in space. This is a very positive dream it says that you are rising above the trials and winning. And no wonder, people having such dreams are often creative and adventurous. 

4.   You are in school and studying hard but failed. This means that you’re worried about your job. Many of us experienced having this kind of dream every after graduation.  Since school is our first activity in life, dreaming of something about school is due to much stress in the office or whatever is your job just like being a full-time mother. This dream also reminds you of what you feel when you’re not ready ready of something. 

The key to happiness. Any difficult circumstances or trials that you were facing, it would be  better to plan it well and do it right. If you are always ready then you are no longer be dreaming about school because of stress.

5.   Having a celebrity friend. Dreaming of this means that you want a change but if you dream that you are together with many famous people for example in games or sports, at work or at class means that you are suffering from doubt and fear. 

The key to happiness. Decide of what aspects of your life that is no longer useful and bring out the one that makes you happy and that is probably what you’re looking for.

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