Monday, January 24, 2011

Colorful and printed bra and nail polish for lady employees are now prohibited

         It is very nice to look at an employee with good looks, proper attire and good posture. It is much better that you will look presentable in front of your boss and even all the people that you encounter inside and outside of your work because it will add more extra points on your merits and it shows that you are very confident just by looking at your personal appearance.

          It was a big help having the proper training when it comes to the proper motion and posture especially when it comes to your career. Some people give good impression on your wonderful qualities because of your good appearance. People will admire and truly be amazed if you have this kind of character.
          Germany formally adopted by giving rights to the boss of a company ordering all his female employees when it comes to wearing of bra and choice of colors on their nails. Such laws were approved recently in North Rhine Westphalia with a goal to protect women on the threat of abuse. Women must wear only bra and nail polish with white or flesh color not bright and vivid color. It is strictly required by large group of company to follow the proper dress code and proper grooming habit of an employee towards their work.
          Most of the bosses are trying to avoid controversy issues that would link them to their beautiful and sexy female employees. It is also part of avoiding damage to the reputation of each other or entering personal matter that should not be the priority in their job duties. Such activities also covered the use of nail polish for women employees because according to the law, colorful design attracts attention of anybody who is looking at it. The law gave them the right to ban a particular shade of nail polish. For women who have large breast and wearing bra will be a problem for them, they can wear a shirt or undershirt. For men, they should always look neat and hairstyle must be identical, beard and mustache must always be shaved.
           First and second offender will face suspension and termination for those who repeatedly fail to comply with this law.

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