Wednesday, January 5, 2011

3 Newly Discovered Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

                      All women around the world are prone to the risk of breast cancer. However, researchers revealed that there are some great steps to avoid this problem. Here are three practices  that reduces the risk of breast cancer aside from self-examination and mammograms.

1.      Consumption of good fats. The so-called plant-based fats including olive oil and fats from nuts, seeds, avocado and coconut are powerful weapons against cancer in the body that helps a person to be able to absorb the nutrition  from fruits  and vegetables. But the female that consumes the maximum amounts  of trans fats  that can be found on processed foods such as hydrogenated oils or vegetable shortening was found doubling the risk of breast cancer,  compared with women  with less trans fat consumption.

2.      Avoid excessive alcohol consumption to reduce hormone spikes.  Women who drink more than two servings of alcohol daily are 30%  more imminent to the threat of developing breast cancer  compared to those who drink less . Excessive alcohol intake increases the risk  of  breast cancer for up to 51% and also increases the production of the so-called breast-irritating estrogen. On the other hand, drinking  a glass wine of wine each day  is beneficial to the body.

3.      Consumption of Breast-Friendly green.  Spinach , lettuce, broccoli etc. are just some of green vegetables  good  to protect the breast of a woman. In fact, the female that consumes  a cup of vegetables daily is 40% far from the threat of breast cancer. The green vegetables are rich in antioxidants that are greatly favorable to the breast tissue   and stops the growth of carcinogens  that is the common threat for such disease.

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